Banker or Entrepreneur?

Located in the the heart of Canary Wharf, CFTE’s Fintech Campus is hosting a Summer Programme composed of exciting learning sessions, great networking events and advanced discussions on the Future of Finance.

“It takes 10 years for an overnight success” (Jeff Bezos). The successes of entrepreneurs are well publicised, but the challenges and hardships much less. 

Resilience, determination, perseverance: that were the single most important qualities to be an entrepreneur according to 188 startup founders. That says a lot about the daily life of an entrepreneur.

Rav Sandhu could have been a typical investment banker. He started with internships and graduate positions at Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan and Bain. But that wasn’t his purpose, and he left to found the Market Mogul, a fast growing media platform for millennials. But fast growing does not mean profitable, and he pivoted into a new model : “The Netflix for news”.

Having secured deals with the Financial Times, Bloomberg, the Economist and many others, he has restarted Market Mogul and transformed it into Mogul News.

Join us HERE for a session of Fintech for Lunch and hear about the real-life experience of being an entrepreneur!