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EduTech – Inspiring The Next Generation

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Welcome everybody to CFTE’s Hong Kong Local Chapter latest event: “EduTech – Inspiring the Next Generation which has been brought to you by CFTE’s alumni Bowie Lau, Founder of MaGESpire. 

In the midst of the current COVID19 crisis the world is immersed in, the importance of future-proofing ones career has never been as clear. Traditional education is not fast enough to catch up with the pace at which the world is transforming. Thus why we have gathered Education experts from all over the globe to share with you what the future of Education, Edutech, will look like. 

Learn the latest trends in the industry from those pushing its transformation today. Join us for free on the 30th September, at 7pm Hong Kong time / 12pm London time.

Agenda (Hong Kong time) 


Keynote 1 - "CFTE: A Global education platform, mission driven for the Fintech industry" by Tram Anh Nguyen, CFTE’s Co-founder.

Keynote 2 - “Creating online learning engagement through student generated videos” by Daniel Shen, Soqqle’s Founder

Panel Discussion: "Inspiring The Next Generation"

- Tram Anh Nguyen, Co-Founder of CFTE.

- Dr. Siu Ming Yiu, Professor of Computer Science, The University of Hong-Kong

- Tilak Thomas, Marketing and Business Development- Digital Learning at IIM Bangalore.

- Dr. Uma, Senior Asst Director of Ministry of Higher Education in the Digital instruction department, Malaysia.

- Daniel Shen, Founder of Soqqle.

Moderator: Bowie Lau, Founder at MaGESpire.

Why you should join us: 

- Listen to the latest insights about the EdTech industry and trends

- Get an overview of what education is today, and how you can benefit from the most recent EdTech methods for enhanced learning

- Listen to industry experts who discuss the future of education 

- Ask all your questions during the Q&A


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Sep 30 2020


12:00 pm - 2:00 pm