Christophe Chazot

Teaches Fintech and Digital Finance for a post-Covid world.


The Certificate in Fintech & Digital Finance

2 Weeks Period. 4 Online Sessions. 1 Group Project.

The Certificate in Fintech & Digital Finance is an online course developed by the Centre of Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship. The programme is comprised of 4 interactive online sessions with the Former Group Head of Innovation at HSBC, Christophe Chazot. The objective of the course is to educate professionals on the latest financial technologies and digital finance trends and prepare them for a post Covid world.

  1. Build a comprehensive understanding of Fintech and Digital Finance.
  2. Identify the new trends of Finance post Covid.
  3. Receive an industry recognised certificate.


Your Lecturer


Christophe Chazot

Former Group Head of Innovation at HSBC

Previously Global Head of Equity Derivatives, Global Head of FX Options at HSBC and Dresdner

President of MIT Club de France



During his 20 year career Christophe has been at the forefront of innovation in finance, developing innovation strategy at HSBC, leading teams responsible for investing in highly disruptive companies, as well as later advising startups and venture funds.

During the 4 virtual sessions of the Certificate in Fintech & Digital Finance Christophe will leverage his vast experience to teach about the most relevant trends and technologies driving the future of finance.

What's in it for you?

Benefits of the course

  • Receive a direct mentorship from the HSBC’s Former Group Head of Innovation
  • Network and forge relationships with like-minded professionals
  • Gain hands-on experience in a business simulation to create a new FinTech solution
  • Graduate with an industry recognised certificate

Outcomes of the course

  • Gain a comprehensive industry overview of FinTech and Digital Finance
  • Identify the new models of lending and develop the framework to leverage robotics for asset management
  • Evaluate the ‘updated digital bank’ concept and recognise the barriers for new entrants
  • Analyse and assess recent developments in cryptocurrency and blockchain
  • Engage in data analysis and gain critical understanding of artificial intelligence infrastructure

The Programme

  1. A perfect storm
  2. The Transformation of Payments
  3. Including the planet
  4. New models of Lending
  5. Robotics for Asset Management
  6. The Updated Digital Bank
  7. Challenges for new entrants
  8. Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain
  9. Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence

The Fintech Effect

With the rapid developments of financial technologies, Credit Karma now has more clients than HSBC, Alibaba has become the 3rd largest money market fund in the world and JP Morgan spends $9.5bn on technology. In a time of such fast change, in-depth knowledge is essential to thriving in finance 3.0.


88% of financial institutions believe that part of their business will be lost to Fintech companies in the next 5 years.

82% of financial institutions plan to increase collaboration with Fintech companies to remain competitive.

Digital banking services are at the forefront: 46% of people exclusively use digital channels for their financial needs.

The ‘digital native’ generation has taken over the market and they prioritise the ease and flexibility that innovative solutions offer




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