Artificial Intelligence in Finance

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Artificial Intelligence in Finance

Explore the Artificial Intelligence revolution of the finance industry and learn from those leading the way.


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Build an in-depth understanding on various AI concepts: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Machine Vision and more.
In the context of financial services—critically analyse the development of AI, learn to recognise its potentials and limitations.
Develop conceptual frameworks to understand future applications of AI and learn to identify the potential use-cases in different sectors of finance.
Apply theoretical knowledge in practise through quizzes, and assignments designed to test assimilation of knowledge.
Learn from the best

5 senior lecturers and 18 guest experts share their insights as industry practitioners to help participants access high quality knowledge and gain first hand experience of AI in finance.
The AI Effect

Thirty-seven percent of organizations have implemented AI in some form. That's a 270% increase over the last four years.
It is predicted that Financial Institutions will see at 22% cost reduction in operating expenses after AI implementation.
The demand for AI talent has doubled in the last two years, with 60% being employed by financial and technology companies.
It is estimated that 120 million employees will require retraining in technical know-how due to AI and automation.
What's Inside the Course

AI in Finance Overview
New technological advancements are rapidly transforming the global financial industry with Artificial Intelligence (AI) spearheading the change. A.I is the future and the future is now.

CFTE’s signature AI in Finance programme is the first industry-led course curated to equip finance professionals and technologists with the necessary knowledge to tackle modern challenges.

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Stay Ahead of the Curve

Gain a deep understanding of AI and at what the future holds for the finance industry

Learn From the Experts

Valuable contributions and insights from CEOs, regulators, and leaders pushing the AI agenda worldwide

Skyrocket Your Career

Boost your career prospects in a rapidly evolving industry on the lookout for qualified talent
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Start your journey in AI with the course carefully crafted by leading institutions in London and Singapore.

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Finance is changing, be part of it

Start your journey in AI with a course designed by leading institutions in Singapore and London.
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What's Inside the Course

An industry overview of Artificial Intelligence

Get an industry overview of AI and how it is impacting the world of finance today.

AI Technologies

Learn about various AI technologies and how they are changing how finance works.

Implementing AI in an enterprise

Gain an understanding of the processes and challenges of merging AI with existing services.

Applications of AI in Finance

Discover the ways in which AI can make financial services much more accessible and easier to use.

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Alumni Testimonials

Ayshah J Butt
Community Builder at CaixaBank
I received plenty of information on what is happening in fintech today. One thing that I could highlight is that you get to learn from the true experts on that field.
David Vinagre
International Proposition Risk Director at Santander
CFTE’s course, I found to be more engaging than the rest of the online courses that I’ve done because of the format of very short online videos that gives you the ability to revisit at different times.

Learners & Alumni Community

40 000+ Global community
100+ Countries
Diverse Global Network
Unique Professional Opportunities

Exclusive Invitations to Industry Events

Preferential Courses Discounts

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