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The course has been designed to give a solid foundational knowledge aboutArtificial Intelligence, and how it applies to different sectors of finance.

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What is Fintech?

Module 1: Overview of the changes happening in Finance

Module 2: Why is Finance being transformed today?

Module 3: A framework to understand Fintech innovation

Module 4: Examples of latest Fintech innovations

Overview of the technologies that are impacting finance

Module 1: The importance of Technology in Finance

Module 2: The mobile revolution

Module 3: Cloud computing

Module 4: Blockchain

Deep dive: from Challenger Banks to ICOs

Module 1: Challenger Banks

Module 2: Payment systems

Module 3: Peer-to-peer lending

Module 4: ICOs and crypto-currencies

Who’s behind Fintech?

Module 1: Fintech startups

Module 2: Innovation in large Financial Services firms

Module 3: Investing in Fintech

Module 4: The Finance 2.0 opportunity

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