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CFTE is a global education platform for finance professionals and technologists to gain the right skills to thrive in the world of Finance 2.0.

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At CFTE, we believe the best of us should be teachers. That’s why our lecturers are amongst the best in their fields, whether they work in a large organisation, run their startups or are in academia. The senior lecturers and contributing experts of CFTE are world-class experts, and great at sharing their knowledge with those who want to learn from those building the future of finance.


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CFTE Fintech Campus

London’s First Fintech Campus for professionals to learn Fintech was launched in April 2019 by CFTE at Level 39.

Situated in the heart of Canary Wharf Financial District, the Fintech Campus brings together the best minds from CFTE Academia and the wealth of L39 ecosystem to enable London finance professionals to learn, meet and grow in the new world of Finance.


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