CFTE announces the launch of the first Regtech online course

The Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship (CFTE) announced the launch of the Regtech Online Course, crafted by worldwide experts. The course will upskill professionals to advance in the Regulatory Technology transformation.

London, 29 October 2019 we are excited to announce the launch of the Regtech Online Course, the first of this kind worldwide. The announcement was made during The Regtech Book Launch at the CFTE Fintech Campus in London in front of more than 200  industry experts. The course will provide training in regulatory technology to institutions and individuals with use cases both from Europe and Asia.

The Regtech course aims to prepare the participants for the changing landscape of regulation. The compliance sector is being transformed by new technologies such as AI, blockchain as well as increasing data availability and market transparency. The training will take a wide perspective and include RegTech topology, solutions exhibited by startups as well as implementation examples by banks.

The programme covers 8 hours of video content, curated readings and online assessment. The course co-convenors will include Janos Barberis (Founder of Supercharger) and Douglas Arner (Professor in Law from Hong Kong University). Additional lecturers and guest experts will be announced by the end of the year.

Regtech industry has been growing rapidly for the past years due to increasing regulation that demands further resources commitment. Technology and automation are proposed to be some of the strategic responses to this changing landscape. According to KPMG by 2020 Regtech is expected to make up 34% of all regulatory spending with $76bn forecasted contribution by 2022, up from $10.6bn in 2017. For financial institutions utilising Regtech can be a massive cost saver hence it comes as no surprise that there is a growing interest in these technologies both from corporations and startup founders.

The experts agree that Regtech digital disruption is not just about greater efficiency in existing processes but new processes altogether. Douglas Arner, the course Co-Convenor and the Professor in Law at Hong Kong University adds:

RegTech is not only about transforming compliance and reporting but also about improved regulatory outcomes and even designing better systems, not just in finance but across all regulated industries. The potential is thus truly limitless.

Janos Barberis, Founder of Supercharger and Head of Entrepreneurship at CFTE adds:

The RegTech industry is at tipping. Whilst the last 2 years have focused on digitising existing processes, such as KYC, the next 2 will be about driving further efficiency in the financial market, and perhaps, more importantly, re-building regulatory architecture globally. We expect the course to be a reference in the industry, used by regulators & financial institutions alike.””

CFTE delivers high-quality education that thoroughly explains the new landscape of finance and contributes to the development of the new-age workforce. The Centre sees the launch as a natural expansion of its current signature products such as AI in Finance and Fintech Foundation online courses. Professionals can now register their interest in the course through the CFTE website.

The Regtech online course was announced during the Regtech Book launch in front of 200 experts.