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The “Fintech 50: 5 Years in Fintech” is CFTE’s most ambitious project to date, and we have put together a comprehensive report detailing the fate of the top 50 Fintech firms back in 2014, and how they have fared in the five years since. We will be publishing a series of daily snapshots, focusing on one company and the milestones they have achieved. 

Kabbage has been called “the leading online small business lending company in the US”, and can be categorised as a company that is currently scaling. Since 2014, the firm has increased lending five-fold, from US$2 million to US$10 million daily. Even then, Kabbage was the market leader in the space since 2009, and their experience in the segment clearly shows.

Using alternative data from seller channels, social media and shipping, it was able to quickly analyse the viability of applicants seeking loans to kick start small businesses. To date, it has lent money to around 170,000 businesses in the US and is currently expanding its capabilities based on two million live data connections. 

While its contemporaries have experienced setbacks or fallen by the wayside, Kabbage continues to grow, providing banks with its consumer lending and small business platforms via white label offerings. Some of its other milestones include reaching unicorn status with its Series E funding round in 2015, issuing US$500 million in asset-backed securities in 2017, and partnering with Alibaba to offer B2B lending in North America just this year.

In terms of investment, Kabbage is one of the most successful firms in the Fintech 50. Having raised six rounds of funding, its latest Series F round in 2017 saw it securing a US$250 million investment from Japan’s Softbank Investment Advisers. To date, the firm has raised a collective total of US$488.7 million.

To read more about the other companies, click here to get a free copy of the Fintech 50: 5 Years in Fintech report.

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