What are the best qualities of a Fintech Entrepreneur?

The world of finance today is rapidly evolving and changing, and in a matter of years, it is highly likely that very little will be the same as it is today. As an education platform in Finance with a strong expertise in Entrepreneurship, we know what makes great Fintech Entrepreneurs great. Here are some of the best qualities Fintech entrepreneurs possess:

A curious mind

As one of the key characteristics of entrepreneurship, curiosity is perfect for the fast-evolving world of Fintech. Business entrepreneurship is similar to that of Fintech, in which the only constant is change. No one in this field should remain constant – every day should be a new opportunity to learn something new. Keeping up with the latest news ensures that you will be in touch with the latest trends and patterns, while blogs can offer a new perspective to certain theories. In addition, there are also a myriad of free online lessons available on a variety of platforms, with blogs and YouTube also providing many learning opportunities.

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Thinking outside the box

Your regular corporate types are unlikely to survive here. One of the key characteristics of entrepreneurship is the ability to solve problems, which often requires non-conventional thinking. You will often find this quality in leaders of companies involved in social entrepreneurship, as they must find a sustainable model that is able to not only generate revenue, but also impact society for the better.


One of the most ubiquitous characteristics of a Fintech entrepreneur is resilience. After all, these are people that are used to rejection and failure, and are seemingly immune to the word “no”! This mindset can also be found in some passionate employees who want to make a positive difference in their workplace – this is an example of extrapreneurship.


The life of a Fintech entrepreneur is often a lonely one as they are not only building a business but doing so in an industry that has yet to fully mature. Similarly, businesses strongly depend on self-motivated employees, both in terms of work and responsibilities, but also for taking the initiative to make things better, not just for themselves, but for everyone at work.

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