Changing The Way We Think With Extrapreneurship

Changing The Way We Think with Extrapreneurship

There is little doubt that the outlook of the working world is rapidly changing. In China alone, The Boston Consulting Group predicts that 23% of the jobs in financial services will be disrupted by Artificial Intelligence by 2027, with the remaining 77% that won’t be replaced but will see an increase in efficiency. Many educators are trying to quickly address this fast-growing talent gap with programs that teach entrepreneurial skills, but whether it is something that can be taught or must be learnt through the school of hard knocks is still up for debate. But most importantly, why is everyone focusing on entrepreneurial skills and how can they save your job? (Or make it better?)

According to an Ernst & Young report, there are several dominant themes when considering the future of work, such as that it requires new knowledge, is uncertain and is independent. Concepts that are very familiar to entrepreneurs, who have been always good at embracing uncertainty and leveraging on new opportunities brought by new technologies. Also, the demand for soft skills such as communication, emotional intelligence, complex problem solving, and innovation is growing exponentially. Thus, it’s reasonable to conclude that, simply put, thinking like an entrepreneur is likely to form the basis of any success in the future workplace.

“We need people to have this mindset and we believe it can be taught” Cade Tan, Head of Engagement at DBS Transformation Group, said during the launch of the CFTE Extrapreneurship Programme in Singapore. According to her, innovation needs to be deeply rooted in the organisation’s DNA and is a journey that starts with changing the way employees work and build new things. Her opinion was echoed by Ronit Ghose, Global Head of Bank Research at Citi. For him “Innovation is not about meeting cool guys in Silicon Valley. Innovation should come from the inside.”

The CFTE Extrapreneurship Programme has been created to respond to this need. The programme allows professionals to experience entrepreneurship by working on a strategic issue of high growth startups  (inaugural edition starting on 13 May 2019 with Revolut and Shift Technology – applications currently open). The Extrapreneurship methodology represents a no-compromise solution for professionals & their institutions to develop the necessary mindset whilst keeping their existing roles.

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