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To really understand the Fintech revolution, it pays to learn from the people building the future of finance, which is why we were delighted to catch up with Philippe Gelis, the CEO of B2B Fintech startup Kantox, who is using the concept of the marketplace to simplify the foreign exchange process for SME and mid-cap businesses. A self-confessed wine lover, Philippe shares his Fintech perspective…

How do you see finance in 10 years?

I expect retail finance to be much more embedded in our lives with much less friction. For example, retail payments being done without you having to use a credit card (think about Amazon Go), or your car insurance being calculated and debited based on your real car usage. I also expect a lot of sophisticated solutions to make finance much more efficient and distribution much leaner.
Advice to a 20-year-old who wants to be in finance?

Do not go to finance for money, as many graduates did in the past. The industry will experiment a massive evolution in the next few decades, so stay flexible, be curious and willing to learn. Opportunities will be no limit.

A company you like in Fintech?

I would say Solaris Bank in Berlin. Mainly because they are building a “real” bank and tackling complex infrastructure problems. They don’t just focus on UX.
Could you share an interesting article, piece of content, blog post you have read recently? Why did you choose it?

Why Fintech Banks Will Rule The World. It’s an article I wrote 3 years ago that explains how the banking model will evolve based on marketplace models. so far, the ideas explored in the article have been pretty accurate!
A source of knowledge for our readers that would help them on their journey to adapting to Fintech disruption?

Chris Skinner’s blog is also a must, but I would say that Fintech CEOs usually have very interesting things to tell, they have skin in the game.

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