The Expert Perspective – Jim Marous

For the 2nd edition of The Expert Perspective, we interviewed a leading figure from the world of digital banking, Jim Marous.

Jim Marous is ranked by multiple sources as one of the top Fintech influencers in the world. He writes for the Financial Brand, a media outlet for financial marketers and executives and recently published the 2018 Retail Banking Trends and Predictions. His wealth of experience in banking, innovation and consumer trends sees him as regular keynote speaker at a number of global Fintech/finance events.

And he was kind enough to take a moment to share his views on digital finance in a quick-fire Q&A.

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The expert perspective with Jim Marous 

How do you see finance in 10 years?

Financial services will have many of the same services delivered much differently than today, being integrated into a person’s daily life using contextual insight to drive real-time recommendations. The players could be vastly different, most likely headlined by big tech firms.
Advice to a 20-year-old who wants to be in finance?

First and foremost, bring a working knowledge of advanced analytics and optimally the capability to code to any interview in any industry today.

A company you like in Fintech?

From a traditional financial institution basis, I watch BBVA, NBS and Lloyds while I watch Revolut, Atom, Moven, Monzo and Starling from a challenger perspective.
Could you share an interesting article, piece of content, blog post you have read recently? Why did you choose it?

I am biased because of my position as a publisher, but I would follow The Financial Brand daily for the latest in what is happening in the banking industry. The most popular article each year is our recap of the Retail Banking Trends and Predictions, which gets more than 100K page views each year. It includes quotes from more than 100 financial services influencers and the ranking of the top trends and predictions as determined by an international survey.
A source of knowledge for our readers that would help them on their journey to adapting to Fintech disruption?

On a daily basis, I would recommend reading The Financial Brand as well as Chris Skinner’s blog.

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