The Around Fintech Update #2 – CFTE Blog

In our previous update, we put the spotlight on Doris, the first-ever person to be certified for Around Fintech in 8 Hours.

But as more and more people complete the course from across the world we’d like to share their feedback so you can hear what they had to say about CFTE’s first online Fintech course.

“The lecturers were amazing and of course the guest speakers were excellent as well. This is the first online course I have taken and it’s so wonderful!”

“Being an avid follower of Fintech, I was looking for a foundation course in Fintech from a long time….This foundation course could be excellent starter to anyone who wants to pursue an MBA in finance systems/Fintech/Fintech marketing.”

 The overall program was well structured, practically informative and constructively encouraging, specifically for an entrepreneur of a Fintech startup …I look forward to the next level progression of the Around Fintech in 8 Hours program.”

 “The CFTE course is very thoughtfully structured and designed. I am extremely satisfied with all the lecturers, guest speakers, content, and attached links”

We’re very proud to receive this feedback, especially after all the work that has gone into the making of the course. From day one our goal has been to deliver the very best content by working with the very best industry experts so that everyone working in finance has the opportunity to learn how their industry is changing.

For this reason and for all those who missed the 29th October registration deadline, we are pleased to announce that we will be launching another batch of Around Fintech in 8 Hours beginning in December. 

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