The Around Fintech Update #1 – CFTE Blog

“What an incredible course, absolutely love all the content and lectures!”

–  Dr. Doris Wang, Taipei

The first cohort of CFTE’s first online Fintech course is well underway

And since CFTE is all about ‘firsts’ we thought we’d share with you our first ever graduate from Around Fintech in 8 Hours: meet Dr Doris Wang, CPA (USA), CIA, CGAP, CRMA.

We won’t list all her accolades as it would easily fill two pages, but to give you an idea, she is currently a Professor of Accountancy at the National Taipei University, holds a PhD in Accountancy and is Chairman of the Accounting Research and Development Council. The list goes on.

So why would someone so experienced and at the top of her profession want to learn Fintech?

Her underlying message was simple: if you want to stay at the top you have to evolve and adapt.

This urgency was highlighted by the fact that she completed the course in just two days! – even with a hectic schedule.

For us, Doris perfectly highlights why we have created Around Fintech in 8 Hours – and why we want to share her story. From graduate students to managing directors in banks, from technologists to consultants, from entrepreneurs to finance professors, the diversity of the participants on Around Fintech in 8 hours is amazing and reflects how open the new world of Finance 2.0 is.

Congratulations to Doris for being the first person to receive her Certificate of Completion for CFTE’s Fintech Foundation Course – she will definitely be a very important person in the history of CFTE!

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