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New Partnership Designed to Accelerate the Fintech Learning Curve

We are excited to announce a new partnership with SuperCharger – the largest Fintech accelerator in Asia.

So often learning happens in isolation, especially when considering professional development. However, in an age of technology where we are trying to get professionals to understand distinctly foreign concepts such as machine learning and blockchain, we believe the best way to facilitate their comprehension of such concepts is through learning by doing.

The partnership with SuperCharger will enable us to accomplish just that.

SuperCharged ecosystem

SuperCharger attracts some of the most innovative Fintech startups to its accelerator programmes. Using the help of a number of key partners, they go against the clock to take their solution to market over the course of the programme.

What SuperCharger has created is a microcosm of the new Fintech ecosystem, where a number of different parties work together to accelerate the innovation process.

By bringing this world closer to our students we want to show them what the future of finance looks like. This partnership will bridge the gap between old finance and finance 2.0.

The front seat of innovation

Through exposure to the SuperCharger ecosystem and in turn the fast-growing Asian ecosystem, students will understand how today’s Fintech entrepreneurs are creating services that are transforming how financial products are consumed.

For quotes from the Founder of SuperCharger and Co-founder of CFTE plus details on the partnership, please read the full press release here.

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