9 Best Fintech Online Courses & Certifications [2019]

If you’re looking for a Fintech course to improve your skills, learn how to get into Fintech or to gain a foundation for a Fintech career, you’re on the right track to success. There’s no other way to pick up the knowledge needed other than sitting down and learning first-hand. We highlighted these online Fintech courses as they represent the very best in terms of contributions from experts, quality, programme structure and networks. You can look through the list and find which one addresses what’s important to you.

Here’s what’s available on the market today:

1. CFTE – Fintech Foundation Specialisation (previously ‘Around Fintech in 8 Hours’)

Summary: The Fintech Foundation Specialisation is an introductory course to learn about Fintech and digital finance from the Centre for Finance, Technology and Entrepreneurship. It targets finance professionals, entrepreneurs, and technologists. It has been designed in collaboration with 4 senior lecturers and 16 industry experts from across finance, to give a comprehensive breakdown of main Fintech trends in a simple and concise manner.

CFTE offers Corporate Training for teams with our Fintech program.
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  • Taught in an easy-to-digest manner by 4 senior Fintech lecturers who between them have lectured at Singapore Management University, Imperial College London, Oxford University and The University of Hong Kong.
  • Industry insights from 16 top experts working in Fintech, including the Global Head of Bank Research at Citi, Global Head of Innovation at HSBC, CEO of Ping An Technology, and many more
  • Accreditation from the Institute of Banking and Finance in Singapore. Singaporean candidates may benefit from subsidies provided by IBF Standards Training Scheme (IBF-STS).
  • Be part of a global community of over 30,000 professionals and entrepreneurs
  • Events to network and free online lessons with key people in FinTech to stay updated

Key lecturers:

  • Huy Nguyen Trieu (CEO – The Disruptive Group | Co-Founder – CFTE | Associate Fellow – Oxford)
  • Andrei Kirilenko (Director – Centre for Global Finance and Technology | Imperial College London)
  • Janos Barberis (Founder – Supercharger | Head of Entrepreneurship – CFTE | Research Fellow – Hong Kong University)
  • Dan Liebau (Founder – Lightbulb Capital | Instructor Fintech & Innovation – Singapore Management University)

Key Statistics:

  • 40,000+ Learners Enrolled
  • 4 Senior Academics
  • 16 Fintech Guest Experts

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Cost: £360 or 3 payments of £120

Certificate: CPD Accredited Certificate of Completion

Study Structure/Method:

  • Course Format: 100% Online
  • Course Access: 6 months access to content from start date
  • Course Model: Instructor-Led

2. L’Ecole de La Fintech — Wake-up France

Summary: A course for the French speakers, it was launched by Anaïs Raoux with the purpose to help French finance professionals build their dream careers in today’s Finance. Their boot camp programme consists of 6 Saturdays in Paris, covering an overview of Fintech, the startup culture and an introduction to coding.

Advantage: Having assembled an impressive teaching team, the course features some of the top executives in the French Fintech scene. In short, you can learn from the best.


  • Céline Lazorthes (CEO – Leetchi & Mangopay)
  • Eric Larcheveque (CEO – Ledger)
  • Zakaria Laguel (CEO – WeSave)
  • Caroline Lamaud (Co-founder – Anaxago)

Level: Beginner

Cost: €2,790

Certificate: N/A

Study Method: In-class, 6-week programme

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3. Saïd Business School, Oxford University — Oxford Fintech Programme

Summary:  A course specifically designed to achieve two outcomes. First, to arm students with a working knowledge of Fintech and second, to identify new opportunities for innovation in finance so that they are equipped to launch new Fintech ventures. Not for the faint-hearted as the course carries a heavy workload. Special mention: CFTE co-founder, Huy Nguyen Trieuis an Associate Fellow at Oxford and delivers the module on innovation in finance along with recognised experts Peter Tufano, David Shrier, Nir Vulkan and Alex Petland.

Advantages: Hands-on practical exercises that stretch your thinking about what’s possible in modern finance.

Key lecturers:

  • David Shrier (Associate Fellow – Saïd Business School, University of Oxford)
  • Prof. Nir Vulkan (Associate Professor of Business Economics – Saïd Business School | Fellow – Worcester College, University of Oxford)

Level: Intermediate

Cost: £2,500

Certificate: Certificate of attendance from Oxford University

Study Method: Online, 10-week course

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4. Harvard Business School – Fintech Online Short Course

Summary: Offering an up-to-date overview of the Fintech industry, this course taps into experts’ insights to offer guidance about the changing landscape of the finance industry. It also looks at increased regulation in the industry, how traditional institutions are adapting to these rapid changes and the evolving strategies of start-ups in this space to remain profitable.

Advantage: Short course from one of the world’s leading educational institutes. Utilises innovative pedagogical approaches pioneered by the Harvard Business School and presents real challenges reflecting the constant change within the Fintech landscape.

Key lecturers:

  • Lauren Cohen (L.E. Simmons Professor of Business Administration | Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research)
  • Christopher Malloy (Sylvan C. Coleman Professor of Financial Management | Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research)

Level: Intermediate

Cost: US$3,600

Certificate: Premier Certificate

Study Method: Online, 6 weeks

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5. Imperial College Business School — Innovative Banking

Summary: A 2-day course targeting senior bankers, it aims to give participants a strong grasp on how to implement Fintech within their own organisations. Focusing on the application of technologies such as distributed ledger technologies, digital money and digital identities and how they are impacting traditional business models. The course is taught by CFTE board member, Andrei Kirilenko, and was co-designed by co-founder Huy Nguyen Trieu.

Advantages: Suitable for those with a focused interest in blockchain technology. Only takes 2 days to complete.

Key lecturers:

  • José-Luis Peydró (Programme Director & Professor of Finance)
  • Marcin Kacperczyk (Professor of Finance – Imperial College London Business School)
  • Julian Hall (COO – Essentia Analytics)
  • Helene Panzarino (Director of the Digital Finance Portfolio)

Level: Beginner/intermediate

Cost: £2,950

Certificate: N/A

Study Method: In-class, 2 days

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6. The University of Hong Kong — Introduction to Fintech

Summary: Taught by leading academics, this online course is an excellent introduction to the world of Fintech. Co-developed by CFTE, the course also features 3 CFTE lecturers among the 6: Janos Barberis (founder of SuperCharger), Huy Nguyen Trieu (co-founder of CFTE) and Douglas W. Arner (Kerry Holdings Professor in Law at the University of Hong Kong).

Advantages: Targeted at beginners such as university students and fresh graduates, the course tackles key concepts in Fintech, from cryptocurrencies to RegTech, with lecturers providing clear explanations about the changing Fintech landscape. No prior knowledge is required, meaning that it is a useful platform for students to gain a basic foundation and understanding of Fintech.

Key lecturers:

  • Douglas Arner (Kerry Holdings Professor in Law –  University of Hong Kong / Academic Board Member – CFTE)
  • Janos Barberis (Founder – Supercharger | Head of Entrepreneurship – CFTE / Research Fellow – Hong Kong University)
  • Huy Nguyen Trieu (CEO – The Disruptive Group | Co-Founder – CFTE | Associate Fellow – Oxford)
  • Henri Arslanian (FinTech & RegTech Lead – China and Hong Kong, PwC | Adjunct Associate Professor, Hong Kong University)
  • Ross P Buckley (King & Wood Mallesons Chair in International Finance Law | Scientia Professor, UNSW Sydney)

Level: Beginner

Cost: FREE

Certificate: US$99

Study Method: Online, week by week

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7. Duke University — Fintech Law and Policy

Summary: It may be a little out there, but hear us out. Success in Fintech doesn’t just rely on innovation, as desirable as that would be. A successful company should also have a firm grasp of the regulations and laws applicable to its operations. This course offers knowledge of critical policy and regulatory issues surrounding cryptocurrencies, ICOs, wealth management, and more, but do note that it covers primarily information about US Fintech regulations.

Advantages: A course that is US-focused that gives participants an insight into the nitty-gritty of the complex policies surrounding the US Fintech industry. It is also fairly light in terms of commitment, with the course taking a recommended 13 hours to complete.

Key lecturer:

  • Lee Reiners, CFA (Executive Director – Global Financial Markets Center)

Level: Beginner/Intermediate

Cost: FREE

Certificate: US$49

Study Method: Online, with flexible deadlines

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8. San Francisco’s Fintech School

Summary: Based in San Francisco, the Fintech School offers a number of blended learning courses aimed at introducing professionals to key topics such as Blockchain, Crowdfunding and Robo-Advisors. With a focus on practical Fintech training, these courses will walk you through a number of ‘101’ styled subjects with the intended purpose of providing participants a soft introduction to the industry. In addition to their online Fintech courses, the school organises several workshops across North America if you prefer a more immersive programme.

Advantage: There are a variety of Fintech topics on offer at a low price point, with content designed by Fintech entrepreneurs and subject matter experts.

Key lecturers:

  • Gregory LaBlanc (Faculty Director – Berkeley Fintech Institute | Faculty Director & Instructor – UC Berkeley Executive Education)
  • Patrick Baron (Founder & CEO – Blockchain Consulting Group)
  • Neeraj Srivastava (CTO – DLTLabs)
  • Khadija Khartit (Managing Partner – IFS Advisory | Faculty, Brandeis University)

Level: Beginner

Cost: Modules start from US$99

Certificate: N/A

Study Method: Online, self-paced

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9. Copenhagen Business School – Digital Competition in Financial Services

Summary: This online course is designed for individuals that want to carve out a career in digital finance. Focusing on all digital aspects of the financial industry, it tackles the topics of transformation, platforms, ecosystems, open API and open banking. Instructors will lead using state-of-the-art examples and also share knowledge from their own research, giving you valuable insight into digital strategies in tomorrow’s world of finance.

Advantages: Covers everything you need to know about the digital transformation in finance. Offers a solid foundation to build on with more advanced courses in the future. Suitable for those short of time, taking just a recommended 16 hours to complete.

Key lecturers:

  • Jonas Hedman (Associate Professor, Department of Digitalization – Copenhagen Business School)
  • Stefan Henningsson (Associate Professor, Department of Digitalization – Copenhagen Business School)

Level: Beginner

Cost: 7-day free trial, US$49 per month after trial ends

Certificate: Certificate of completion

Study Method: Online, self-paced with flexible deadlines

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Which Fintech course should I choose?

It really depends on what you’re looking for. Of course, we are slightly more inclined to recommend the Fintech courses which are close to us: CFTE, Hong Kong University, Oxford and Imperial College!

However, choosing the right course really comes down to your goals and what you want to learn. From the list above, it’s already clear that the world of Fintech is expansive – there is no course that covers all bases! For example, if you want to dive deep into Fintech and try your hand at testing a business plan, then the courses offered by Oxford or Harvard will be suitable for you. 

On the flip side, if you want a general introduction to Fintech, then the CFTE Fintech Foundation course is probably the right option for you, given the quality of the content and lecturers, and the format clarity. And if you are a student who would like to compliment his/her education in finance, the HKU MOOC could be a great option. 

In all cases, learning Fintech is a must today, so good luck in your journey!

If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to reach out to us, just open the chatbox on the right side of your screen.

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