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This week’s must read Fintech news…

Out of the box thinking for digital transformation

  • “You must transform your business to adapt to digital”
  • “Your IT systems are out dated”
  • “Your processes can cope with today’s fluid environment”

No, these are not statements my dad says to me in utter disappointment but more akin to what the top brass at banks all over the world must hear on a day-to-day basis. Well, Rabobank, the Dutch multinational bank that services the food industry, has taken a rather novel approach to address digital transformation – they’ve built a real life model representation of the bank!See for yourself here.

England v Germany

We all know who won the 1966 World Cup but how do the two countries stack up when it comes to Fintech? CBI has some Insights to share with us…Right here.

Is Facebook about to monetise WhatsApp?!

Facebook’s flagship messaging platform, WhatsApp, has 1.2bn users across the globe and it looks like at long last they could be gearing up to monetise the platform. WeChat, the other giant messaging app, already offers its users the ability to make P2P transfers and purchase goods and service online. It seems WhatsApp could be about to follow suit by offering users in developing regions the ability to make P2P transfers.
The move towards monetising WhatsApp makes perfect sense as Facebook looks to develop new revenue streams as its advertising inventory across its social network site reaches saturation…Get all the details here.

The future economy with AI

So, many are referring to AI as the new electricity given its potential to transform countless industries, just as electricity did. Our friends at Visual Capitalist take you on a journey with a wonderful infographic that explores the various threads of the global economy that will be impacted by AI, finance included…Infographic this way.

Some lessons in personal development…

Google is sharing its management tools with the world

Speaking at his alma mater in January, Sundar Pichai, Google’s low-profile CEO, revealed his key to effective management: “Let other succeed.” Enacting Pichai’s advice is easier said than done. But Google is sharing some tools that might help. Its Re:Work blog is offering a series of instructive documents used by managers at Google.

They cover everything from feedback and career development to setting agendas for one-on-ones, and codify the insights Google gleaned from spending years analysing reviews and other observable data at the company to determine essential leadership traits…continue reading here.


Want to become the best at what you do? Read this.

It doesn’t matter how good your strategy is, if you’re not skilled at what you do, that strategy won’t take you very far. “Many amateur golfers think they need expensive clubs. But it’s the swing that matters, not the club. Give Tiger Woods a set of cheap clubs and he’ll still destroy you…Continue reading here.

5 secrets to keeping your 9-5 job while you side hustle

For many people, settling into a traditional 9-to-5 job means no longer having time to focus on their true passions. For others, that 9-to-5 is only a means to an end while they pour their extra time into building the side hustles and projects that matter most to them. Those who seek side hustles outside their day jobs typically do so because they want to pursue their dreams…Continue reading here.