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Fintech Event Calendar of CFTE

1. Benefit from the Disruptive Revolution in Insurance

    • Where: BT Centre, London
    • When: Tuesday, June 20
    • Why: Organised by Instech (shorthand for “Insurance Technology”), this event is a great place meet and learn from Insurtech companies and fintech innovators. The expert panels will provide insights into the latest trends affecting the industry and how to stay ahead of the curve.

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2. EdTech: How start-ups are shaping the digital natives industry

    • Where: Runway Moorgate, Lower Ground, 10 Finsbury Square, London
    • When: Wednesday, June 21
    • Why: This Edtech event is a great way to understand how start-ups empower, educate and entertain the future generation. A panel of educational experts, scientists and education tech entrepreneurs will share their vision of Edtech 2.0. we will be there as well, to arrange to speak with us tweet us now!

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3. ESE Open Evening: Channel Strategy enabling Successful Brand and Acquisition Engines

    • Where: European School Of Economics, 4 Mandeville Place, London
    • When: Wednesday, June 21
    • Why: Get insights and tips from Stefan Lucas, an experienced FinTech Digital Executive, investor, mentor and lecturer. Stefan is known for his successful growth track record spanning TradeTech to InsurTech, and from working with FTSE listed leaders to high growth digital technology start-ups.

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4. LDN Talks at Night: Bitcoin for Dummies

    • Where: Cafe 1001, 91 Brick Lane, E16QL, London
    • When: Wednesday, June 21
    • Why: If you follow the Fintech news, you’ve probably heard of the spectacular price rises of Bitcoin. But what exactly is Bitcoin? This talk, given by entrepreneurs and lecturers, will introduce you to the basics of cryptocurrencies and will assume you have no technical knowledge of the subject. No surprise more than 1.2K people have registered their interest in the event.

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5. Big Data, London v 9.0

    • Where: Google Campus, 4-5 Bonhill Street, London
    • When: Thursday, June 22
    • Why: Understanding Fintech without having heard of Big Data is impossible. there will be a number of interesting talks from the data science leaders and experts who are expected to bridge the gap between tech and business. If there’s one place you need yo be this week then this is it.

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