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With Huy talking about Blockchain and the general momentum the subject is picking up, we thought we’d introduce you to the topic with some curated content that will give you a solid understanding of Blockchain.

Welcome to Finance 2.0!

Blockchain 101?

Disruption is everywhere and the blockchain technology could be the biggest disruptor of them all. It’s a technology that is powering Bitcoin and is therefore often view as synonymous of finance, however, its application goes beyond the finance sector and has the potential to transform the value chain of entire industries.
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Will Tokens replace Dollars?

In last weeks newsletter, we talked about Initial Coin Offerings and highlighted the momentum that tokens are starting to build. We wanted to emphasise this trend by introducing this article from Balaji S. Srinivasan, which gives a comprehensive explanation of the “Token economy” and the implications it’s likely to have. His analogy between token buyers and bloggers is particularly interesting…
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Blockchain as a Leapfrog medium

The rise in prominence of Blockchain promises to redefine geopolitics and the development rhythm of emerging countries. And this is a theory that is not espoused by idealists, the free world thinkers of the Silicon Valley startups; it’s taking its roots in large Non Governmental Organisations like the World Bank. Read this short article about how Rosanna Chan considers implementing Blockchain in financing development project in order to foster the leapfrog effect.
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How will Blockchain go mainstream?

We thought you’d like to finish this selection with the video transcript of Huy’s talk @MoneyConf. Huy discusses the current situation of Blockchain projects being tested within the financial sector, with Jon Mathonis and David Bailey, highlighting the inherent difficulties to scale implementation.

Do you want to go deeper?

Everybody is talking about Blockchain, including the CFTE board, here they share some insights just for you:


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